December 8, 2016

Political action needed to stop mandated 406 ELTs


Political action needed to stop mandated 406 ELTs


I hope by now that everyone is aware of the impending requirement to install a new 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) in the near future click on the backgrounder link at the bottom).

Although the next formal step in the process is the release of Gazette Part I sometime in the near future (date unknown as of the date of this article), at which time we will respond to whatever cost/benefit justification the government may provide, feedback from members to this point in time indicates that they want to do more to express their concern.

Our goal is to permit aircraft owners to choose an alerting option, including 406 ELTs, that best suits the type of flying they do and the terrain over which they fly. We are opposed to a regulation that forces everyone, at considerable cost, to equip with one technology that is not suitable for all operations.

To that end, I encourage everyone to study the issue thoroughly by reading the articles COPA has developed and then create a letter, based on the sample letter found on our website attached with the Briefing Paper and letter of dissent and send the package to your Member of Parliament. You can find your MP using your postal code or using this list

Unfortunately, the bureaucrats have failed to recognize the need for practical, cost-effective solutions. If we are going to stop this damaging regulation from proceeding, we need members to be politically active on this issue.

Please keep an eye on the front page of our website for the Gazette Part I announcement and how you can respond.