June 28, 2023

Plans for Thunder Run 2023

Jon Robinson

— By Mike Davenport (Photo: BC Aero 2022)

Led by President Shaun Heaps and supported by Sigmund Sort, Georgina Munro and Ian Kangas, a Zoom meeting was held on June 5 to firm up planning for the 2023 edition of Thunder Run. The cross-border exercise will be based at BC AERO’s Langley Airport (CYNJ) base for Canadian operations.

This year’s International cross-border exercise is to be held on Saturday, July 8, and will involve upwards of a dozen pilots and planes moving 16,000 pounds of food stuffs to simulate a disaster response in Washington state. This will be similar to an exercise held in February that moved 220,000 face masks north from Arlington, Washington, (KBVS) to Langley.

For further information or to participate, go to bcaero.org or contact Shaun direct at shaun.heaps@bcaero.org.