May 16, 2019

Places To Fly—West: Creston, B.C.


In the South Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, just north of the U.S. border, lies the fertile Creston Valley, home to the Creston airport (CAJ3). The airport, operated by the Creston Valley Regional Airport Society, is holding an Airport Appreciation Day (and Fly-In) on Victoria Day (May 20).

Breakfast will be served from 07:30 to 11:00, after which lunch items will be available. The event, which will honour first responders and medevac crews, continues until 15:00.

Local aircraft will be on display, as will remote-control aircraft and drones. CASARA, BC Ambulance Service and other first responders will be present and participating in the displays. Scenic flights will be available.

Creston is the home of Columbia Brewery, makers of the Kokanee brand of beer. Public tours of the brewery are available.

The runway at Creston airport is 3,944 feet long. Contact ‘Cowboy’ Bob at 250-402-8056 for further information.