June 28, 2017

Places to Fly: Peterborough


Marking Canada’s 150th birthday will be a special occasion this year.  The public is invited to join Peterborough Airport in celebrating the milestone with vintage, military and civil aircraft on display.
The event called “Flying Fortress Week” will take place at Peterborough Airport from July 10th to 16th, 2017.
The event is sponsored by the Peterborough Destination Association (pdaptbo.com).
Starting on Monday July 10th, a World War II B-17G Flying Fortress bomber named Sentimental Journey will be on display and will be available for the public to purchase tickets (on site) for ground tours during the week.  Flights on the B-17 will take place on Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th. Tickets for flights are available to purchase at:
The crew of the B-17G bomber will host local media with a demonstration flight on Monday July 10th at approximately 12:30 p.m. A limited number of seats are available. Contact Lorne Kelsey to reserve a seat at lhkelsey@peterborough.ca or 705-875-2894.
On Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th, the B-17G bomber will be joined by various vintage, military and civil aircraft for public display.
The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) will also participate in the event with a “Fly-in”. COPA members will have their aircraft on display.
The Loomex Group will have their jet simulator on display.  The jet simulator is used for large scale emergency exercises that include airport staff and response agencies.  Loomex will conduct an emergency exercise using the jet simulator on Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th.  The times for the exercises will be posted on the Peterborough Airport website at www.peterboroughairport.com