March 14, 2019

Places to Fly: Muncho Lake


Northern Rockies Lodge, located at Mile 462 on the Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia, is again playing host to the annual Muncho Lake Ice Strip Fly-In, this year being held on March 29 to 31.

Pilots are invited to fly in with their wheeled aircraft to the 3,000-foot ice runway that is located in front of the lodge. The associated water aerodrome identifier is CBF8, and the coordinates of the lodge itself are N59° 00’ 34”, W125° 46’ 22”. Fly-in pilots are entitled to a $20 discount at the lodge or in one of their chalets.

Last year’s event saw a Dornier fly in from Alaska, among others.

A Bushpilot Barbecue and other special events are scheduled during the three-day event.  In addition to the Fly-In, Muncho Lake in the wintertime is known for its hot springs, ice skating, and as an ideal location to observe the Northern lights. It is also well-known for its fly-in fishing.

COPA member Urs Schildknecht and his wife Marianne built the 14,000 square foot lodge, situated about half way between the B.C. towns of Watson Lake and Fort Nelson, in 1995. It is open year-round. Schildknecht also operates a charter fleet that includes a Twin Otter turboprop, a Cessna 208 Caravan and a Cessna 172, offering aerial tours.

Further information can be found here.