January 23, 2020

Places to Fly: Montebello 2020 Winter Fly-In


“Canada’s Best Winter Fly-In”, organized by COPA and held annually for Challenger ultralights (with other aircraft welcome) on the ice and shores of the Ottawa River in Quebec, is on again this year. We have received the following ice and snow condition report from the local volunteers:

Ice Thickness

Four measurements were taken in the marina, two near the docks, which came in at 40.5 centimetres (16 inches), and the other two at the exit to the river which, where the ice thickness was measured at 35.5 cm (14 in). Five measurements were taken on the river about 45 metres apart (150 feet) and 30.5 m (100 ft) from the edge. These came in at between 28 and 33 cm (11 to 13 in). Two other measurements were taken 45 m from the edge and show the thickness to be 30.5 cm.

Snow conditions in general

The snow on the surface of the river is powdery, 7.5 cm to 20 cm thick (3 to 8 in). Only five cm (two in) of snow are under the tracks of the snowmobile. No presence of water or slush on the frozen river or at the marina were observed.

If the conditions do not deteriorate much by the weekend, pilots can expect perfect snow conditions for soft landings and takeoffs for ski-equipped planes and maybe even for those with Tundra tires.

Stay tuned to eFlight next week for a report on how the event played out.