October 10, 2019

Places to Fly – All Over


The 2019 World Ultralight Fly-In (WUFI) takes place this weekend on October 12 and 13. The initiative aims to get ultralight, advanced ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft in the air at the same time (more-or-less) to celebrate this niche of the aviation world. Participants earn a certificate.

The idea is to go onto the WUFI Facebook page and join their group. You’ll then have the opportunity to place a pin on a ZeeMap showing where you intend to perform your flight. If you see a flight planned for near your location, you would likely want to join with them at their location. Once your flight is completed, you upload to the Facebook page your name, location, aircraft and a date-stamped selfie showing you in your aircraft, preferably while flying it.

Quentin Hegt, a co-ordinator of the 2016 event, is planning to fly his Kolb TwinStar Mark II this weekend at his home airport in Victoria (CYYJ).

“It’s basically an opportunity for everyone to fly together at the same time since it’s not practical for these slow-flying airplanes to travel long distances for a traditional fly-in,” Hegt told eFlight.

It sounds to us like a great community event to participate in, and a great way to network with fellow ultralight aircraft pilots.