June 27, 2019

Pilatus PC-24 Receives Canadian Type Certificate


A new aircraft type will take to the skies in Canada as Transport Canada issued a type certificate for the Pilatus PC-24 business jet. The type certificate was issued to the Swiss company on Thursday, June 27 but as yet the first operator is unnamed.

Building on the reputation of its sibling, the PC-12, the PC-24 also boasts both short- and rough-field capabilities. It is the first business jet certified for use on dirt/gravel runways. Versatile, it comes complete with a cargo door.

The PA-24 is powered by two Williams FJ44-4A engines. Balanced field length (take-off distance) is only 2,930 feet, even on rough-field conditions, and the maximum range with four passengers is 2000 nm (with NBAA IFR reserves). The maximum cruise altitude is 45,000 feet.

Certified for single-pilot operation, the passenger capacity is 11 plus the pilot. Pilatus is also promoting the air ambulance version of the PA-24, citing its short- and rough-field capabilities and its standard cargo door as ideal attributes.

See PDFs below for the TC Type Certificate and the Pilatus PA-24 brochure.