February 9, 2018



Randy Peckham

Ottawa, ON

Randy has been a pilot since 1985, holding Glider, Private and Commercial pilot licenses. He is qualified for single and multi-engine land aircraft, with a Group 1 IFR rating. He currently owns and flies a Cessna 340A and flies ~300 hrs/year for business and personal use. Previous aircraft ownership includes a Diamond DA40, Cessna T310R and a Piper Cherokee PA28. He has been a member of COPA since 2008 and an AOPA member since 2011.

Randy is an active member of the aviation community, with a passion for promoting general aviation.  It is his belief that as a COPA Director additional visibility can be brought to the aviation community with a goal to further highlight and validate its importance in Canada. Enabling and empowering general aviation while protecting and enhancing the availability and accessibility of aviation resources is his primary goal. Additionally, promoting the accessibility of aviation to the general Canadian population and facilitating modernization of aviation will be beneficial to aviators and passengers alike.

Randy has been involved in running numerous businesses, as well as working in the federal sector at the senior administrator level and has served as an officer in the Canadian Forces.  He is versed in the functions of a board of directors, and understands the efforts and processes required to effect change and to influence decision-making.