August 8, 2019

Parachute Saves Cirrus Pilot – Who Then Videos His Own Rescue


A Cirrus SR22 pilot deployed its Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) over the forests of Quebec’s Côte-Nord region late last week when the plane’s engine failed – and lived to video his surroundings, his demolished aircraft and even his own rescuers.

American Matt Lehtinen, 37, was flying his Cirrus from Wabush on the northern tip of Labrador to Quebec City when he ran into engine trouble.

“Sounded like the engine was trying to grind itself into pieces,” Lehtinen told CTV Montreal.

All Cirrus aircraft are equipped with the parachute system, and it has been used numerous times and saved the lives of, or minimized injuries to, dozens of people over the last few years of this model’s existence.

Lehtinen used a Garmin inReach device to send an SOS message, leading to his rescue a few hours later. Lehtinen also lit a signal fire so smoke would help pinpoint his exact location.

The apparently social media-savvy Lehtinen has posted his video on YouTube, accessible by clicking here.