February 15, 2018

Overrun Led to Crash


A Victoria Flying Club Cessna 172 ran out of runway in the recovery attempts for a botched short field landing resulting in an overrun that seriously injured and instructor and caused minor injuries to the student in January of 2017 the Transportation Safety Board has found. The student was trying to perform the manoeuvre but landed long and hard causing the aircraft to bounce. The instructor took control and tried to brake but the bouncing plane couldn’t be slowed enough so she rejected the landing and attempted to take off but she’d run out of room and the aircraft was still on the ground when it crossed a 10-foot strip of gravel at the end of the runway and over a cliff.

“After crossing the gravel strip, the aircraft became airborne and immediately descended about 10 to 15 feet, then flew horizontally for about 400 feet while attempting to climb. In the process, the aircraft struck multiple small treetops and then a large treetop,” the TSB said in its report. “It flew another 150 feet, descending slightly, until it struck and severed the first of a set of six high-tension power lines.” Instructor Kristen Ursel was paralyzed in the crash and a GoFundMe campaign has raised almost $36,000 to help with her recovery.