December 19, 2019

Ottawa Mandates 10% Aircraft Tax


On December 13 the prime minister presented his ministers with their mandate letters. With little more information than what we have seen in their respective letters, we unfortunately see that the finance minister has a mandate to introduce a 10 percent tax on ‘Luxury Items’ including personal aircraft of over $100,000. The letters can be found at the following links for Transport and Finance.

Right now, COPA doesn’t have any more details than what we published in our November 7 eFlight. Rest assured that we will be working against this in coordination with the other aviation associations.

In the meantime, you can start by writing to the Minister of Finance and copy us and your MP. We have provided a form letter; you only have to fill in your and your MP’s name.

Contact details for MPs can be found on the Parliament of Canada website. Email addresses for MPs are generally formatted as

If you are unsure about which riding you live in, you can search by postal code on Elections Canada’s website.

Letter against 10% tax aircraft