September 19, 2019

New Vermont Arrival Opportunities Post ADS-B Implementation


By Bruce MacFarlane

For years now, Burlington International Airport (KBTV) has been Vermont’s only airport of entry (AOE) served by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP). As of January 1, 2020, only ADS-B OUT-equipped aircraft will be permitted to enter Burlington’s Class C controlled airspace. If you’re inbound to the U.S., Canadian or American, without ADS-B OUT, you won’t be able to clear border formalities at KBTV.

However, there are two other Vermont AOE airports that may accept some international arrivals. This is limited to small private aircraft only, and is contingent upon the availability of CBP services. Northeast Kingdom airport (KEFK) in Newport, as well as the Franklin County airport (KFSO) in Highgate, are officially designated AOE airports, with prior landing rights permission required.

Northeast Kingdom airport, which has two runways, is an uncontrolled field with no ADS-B requirement or surrounding airspace restriction. The airport has undergone a $20 million upgrade and now features a smooth, jet-friendly 5,300-foot runway (36/18) with a GPS approach. Two new LPV approaches are planned for mid-2020. Another runway (05/23), 3,996 feet long, is also available, but is not lit for nighttime use.

Cross-border eAPIS no-fee arrivals are now being accepted at KEFK, and agents are meeting aircraft for inspection and clearance. To verify CBP airport staff availability, call the Derby Line Port of Entry at 802-873-3219, press 4, press #, and ask for the supervisor on duty.

Check out the eAPIS app Flashpass, available at a discount for COPA members. – Ed.

photo of North Kingdom airport submitted