March 1, 2018

New Float Plane Docks in Kamloops, Kingston


Members of the Kamloops Flying Club (COPA Flight 82) and Kamloops Airport Management attended the groundbreaking of a great new project that has been a long time coming – a brand new modern floatplane dock system on the Thompson River adjacent to the airport.

A new floatplane facility was recently completed in Kingston, Ontario, too.

In consultation with the Kamloops Flying Club, local float plane operators and others, the Kamloops Airport is investing this new dock system to provide safer and much-improved access by float to the airport.

“As a club focused on General Aviation, we are thrilled with the direction of the new management at the airport who have heard our concerns and are now working on improving the airport not only for the general public, but for general aviation – and this is just the beginning! It’s great to have us all on the same team” the club said in a statement.

The club said it’s confident that this will encourage many float operators traveling throughout BC to make Kamloops a destination this summer and help the club prove that reinvesting in local airport infrastructure will produce benefits to the community with increased usage and support of airport facilities and businesses.

The new modern aluminum dock system is being built by a local company Triton Docks and the project is expected to be complete this spring.

The club credited Heather McCarley (Kamloops Airport Managing Director), Jeff Scherban (Manager of Airport Operations) & the crew at the Kamloops Airport for making this come to reality.