December 2, 2020

New flight gear iPad kneeboard


Sporty’s has introduced an updated design of its most popular kneeboard, the Flight Gear iPad Bi-fold kneeboard, based on pilot feedback. The new design includes movable brackets that allow for almost any iPad/tablet case combination and more flexible organization options.

Sporty’s states its Flight Gear iPad Bi-fold kneeboard uses extra strong vinyl coated metal brackets that are held in place by hook and loop, allowing them to expand and contract to work with different sizes and thicknesses of tablets.

The new design also includes an integrated kickstand that is adjustable in height, explains Sporty’s, and can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. “We’ve found that an iPad laying flat on your lap has a lot of glare,” said Sporty’s VP John Zimmerman. “Using the kickstand and angling the tablet towards you not only provides a better viewing angle, it also eliminates much of the glare.”

The side flap of the kneeboard has two flat pockets for storing charging cables and screen cleaning cloths. These flat pockets are constructed with extra soft, velvet style material to accept Sporty’s Gear Mods. Gear Mods allow users to further customize the kneeboard with additional pockets and organizers.

A zipper pocket is designed for backup batteries or small Bluetooth GPS units. The zipper has a protective flap so users do not have to worry about damaging tablet screens when closed. The centre of the kneeboard has two loops for holding a stylus, pen or a small flashlight, for example. There is a hole that allows users to fold the side flap underneath the board when not in use while still utilizing the elastic knee strap.

Closing the kneeboard reveals what Sporty’s describes as a well-designed front flap with an ID holder for a business card. A flat pocket provides space for a chart, checklist, or small notepad. The kneeboard features two extra-thick padded strips that provide comfort and increased stability while the kneeboard is strapped to your leg.

Sporty’s Flight Gear iPad Bi-fold kneeboard is available in two sizes, US$34.95: The Flight Gear Mini Bi-Fold Kneeboard [5828A] fits iPad Minis 1-5 and some other 8-inch size tablets. The Flight Gear iPad Bi-Fold Kneeboard [6193A] is designed to fit 9.7- to 11-inch iPads, but the movable brackets allow it to fit most other sizes too.

(Photo: Sporty’s Flight Gear iPad Bi-fold kneeboard)