February 1, 2018

New Fee Process at Billy Bishop


Those who visit Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island should be aware of the new procedure for paying landing fees. David Sprague, a Toronto Island Pilot Association member sent the following memo to COPA for members’ awareness.

“This is a note occasioned by a request from the Toronto Port Authority to share a change in their fee collecting process.  They have asked me to let our members know about a new procedure for collecting landing fees at the Island CYTZ starting January 1 2018.  They charge fees now but collect them differently.  On January 1st 2018 they will start having fees collected by the Porter FBO if you go to Porter or by StolPort/Trans Capitol if you go there, instead of billing separately.  

As you know a few of the airports nearby charge various fees for both landing and parking/stopping at the FBOs on the field and CYTZ is one of the few of them.  So in order to help our members who make itinerant flights away from their home airport to YTZ I have put the following data down. 

At CYTZ there is a landing fee based on time of day but for a single, like most of us fly, it is $14.70. In addition, there is an FBO “ramp fee/ daily parking fee” ranging from $25 for Trans Capital (east side) to $40 for Porter (west side).  Parking overnight adds $10 for Trans Capital and $20 for Porter plus HST.   There is also a surcharge (double the landing fee) for the landing fee if you come in between 0645-0700 in the morning and after 2200 and 2300.  The airport is closed from 2300 to 0645 local time. 

Net, going in and out of the island to go downtown is going to total a minimum extra fee of $39.70 or more at Trans Capital and  $54.70 or more at Porter.”