December 8, 2016

New COPA Aviation Legal Counsel


New COPA Aviation Legal Counsel

By Kevin Psutka



Glenn Grenier  

I am pleased to announce that Glenn Grenier, a partner with Lang Michener LLP in Toronto, has agreed to be our Aviation Legal Counsel, replacing Dan Cornell who has become a Judge in Ontario.

Glenn’s experience can be found here.

In addition to his legal experience, Glenn is an aircraft owner and has served on the COPA Board, so he is well positioned to understand our needs and issues.

Glenn has access to several other lawyers within the firm, including in other locations in Canada, to assist as required. In addition, we continue to retain Pierre Beauchamp for Quebec issues. Pierre worked with Dan on federal jurisdiction issues in Quebec, which led to favourable decisions in two cases that have subsequently been appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Glenn and Pierre are available for counsel to and representation for individual members but members who are seeking their services should first contact President and CEO Kevin Psutka who will help to determine if the issue is of national importance, in which case it may qualify for Freedom to Fly funding assistance, or if the issue is such that Glenn’s counsel would be at the member’s expense.