December 13, 2018

New CARs Amendments Address Pilot Fatigue, Alcohol Consumption


Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced on Wednesday new amendments to the CARs that will bring Canada’s standards up to international norms.

“Transport Canada’s new regulations align with today’s scientific data, international standards and best practices, and respond to concerns raised by communities, pilots and airlines,” said the minister.

The new legislation also allows for operators to create and implement a Fatigue Management System that addresses some of the unique circumstances and environments in which many smaller carriers operate in, particularly in the North and other remote areas of Canada.

“By providing air operators the option to implement Fatigue Risk Management Systems, these new regulations also recognize the unique operations and realities of Canadian air operators,” added Garneau.

“The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is pleased to see that the Minister is taking action to address this key safety issue,” according to a statement issued the same day by the TSB.

The new legislation also introduced amendments to the ‘Fit for Duty’ regulations that, among other provisions, extends ‘bottle-to-throttle’ restrictions from eight to 12 hours, and adds fatigue as a prohibited condition of fitness.

Air Georgian was among the first commercial carriers to respond the Garneau’s announcement. John Tory, Air Georgian’s VP for Corporate Development, said, “There is increasing attention to the risks of flying while fatigued or at risk of becoming fatigued. Today’s regulatory amendment breathes energy into and provides an approval framework for Air Georgian’s ongoing research into sleep hygiene, rest planning, and pilot fatigue cycles.”