January 18, 2018

Nav Canada Wants Airport Camera Feedback


Nav Canada is looking for feedback from pilots on their use of weather web cameras set up at dozens of Canadian airports. It issued the following notice:

Nav Canada’s Aviation Weather Cameras (Wx Cams) are an important resource used by pilots across the country. As we plan future deployments and upgrades, we want your feedback to ensure Wx Cams continue to successfully support pilot decision-making and ensure safer flight operations.

We are conducting a survey, to be completed by January 25, 2018, to better understand your Weather Camera needs, and to enhance our deployment policy.

Your feedback will support future upgrades and the integration of weather, NOTAM, electronic flight-plan filling for domestic flights, and aeronautical information from the Aviation Weather Web Site (AWWS) and through our network of Flight Information Centres.

Please access the survey through the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HY9BZG5

 By continuously investing in technology and service, we can improve on safety and flight efficiency.

For questions regarding this survey, please contact:

Customer Service Centre
77 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5L6
Phone: 1-800-876-4693
Fax: 1-877-663-6656
Email: service@navcanada.ca