April 1, 2021

NAV CANADA Transition of Services, Winnipeg FIC to Edmonton FIC


NAV CANADA, the country’s civil air navigation services provider, is in the process of transitioning Flight Information Centre (FIC) services from its Winnipeg FIC to the Edmonton and London FICs.

A first phase will see the transition of FIC services in Saskatchewan and Nunavut between Winnipeg FIC and Edmonton FIC implemented April 30, 2021, at 0901z.

Pilots and dispatchers in the Prairie and Central regions will continue to receive the same vital information they need, including flight-planning services, in-depth interpretive weather information and en-route flight information, which will be provided by the Edmonton flight information centre (please see contact information below). Air traffic services will not be impacted by this change.

Please note: Edmonton FIC’s contact information and unit identification below as it will change from Winnipeg Radio to Edmonton Radio.

Edmonton FIC Contact Information
Number: 780-890-8386
Toll-free Number: 1-866-541-4102
Fax Number: 780-890-8593
Unit Identification: Edmonton Radio

To support broader awareness to these changes, NAV CANADA will be publishing NOTAMs in reference to the transition process and updating upcoming aeronautical publications. In addition, a notice has been posted on the NAV CANADA website.

NOTAMs are accessed through NAV CANADA’s Collaborative Flight Planning Service, the link can be accessed here.