May 10, 2018

Nav Canada Seeks Input


Nav Canada is looking for direct input on reviews of service levels at Mirabel International Airport and at Pickle Lake Airport in northern Ontario.

The Mirabel study is to identify air traffic service requirements at the facility to determine if current levels of service are adequate.

At Pickle Lake, the coporation is reviewing the method for conducting aviation weather observations at the Pickle Lake Airport (CYPL). Aviation Weather Observations at CYPL are currently conducted by a Contract Weather Office (CWO).  NavCanada is conducting a study to determine if an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) would be an acceptable alternative. The study will also confirm if the current 12-hour TAF is sufficient to meet the needs of Nav Canada customers flying in and out of CYPL.

PDFs of the Notices of Consultation are below with appropriate links to the terms of reference. COPA asks that you forward your comments directly to COPA at .