December 5, 2019

Nav Canada Denial of Service


We would like to thank everyone who has made a submission with respect to a Nav Canada Denial of Service. Recently, COPA received questions regarding the intent so we would like to clarify our request.

The reason for seeking the details from COPA members regarding specific times that they experienced a Nav Canada Denial of Service is to allow us to provide factual data to Nav Canada with respect to the following:

  1. Congestion of airspace below Class C; when a NOTAM is issued to restrict access to the airspace, based on current airspace structures.
  2. Issues with the ongoing Nav Canada staffing and COPA members not being provided with services such as:
    1. Flight following
    2. Access to airspace
    3. Access into Control Zones
    4. Simulated IFR training
    5. Training flights
    6. Examination flights
  3. Other

Our intentions are to do away with anecdotal comments. This will allow us to move forward, address ongoing issues and find a mutually satisfactory resolution based on facts. We understand that this issue does not impact all COPA members, depending on their location. However, we are requesting COPA members who have been affected to provide us with the details of the situation.

The Nav Canada Denial of Service form remains on the COPA website. COPA will continue to gather the information and will remind everyone again in the busier spring and summer season.

Photo credit: Nav Canada