March 7, 2019

Mo’s 30th Fly-In Enjoys Glorious Sunshine


Text and photo by Jean-Pierre Bonin

Maurice ‘Mo’ Prud’Homme held his 30th fly-in on February 26, and it started with mixed feelings. Mo was somewhat upset when I arrived early in the morning. First time in all those years he couldn’t open a runway for aircraft on wheels, and this on his celebration year. With 29 aircraft on the ground and nine wheeled planes flying by, it wasn’t the biggest turnout I’ve witnessed in the past but it was great any way you looked at it. Up the hill, surrounding streets were full with visitors’ cars and it showed on the overall turnout around the chili table and the planes.

Beautiful temperature of slightly below zero with sunny skies and a light wind – if you think you should have come, well you sure missed something!

See photos of the event by clicking on the photographer’s name:


Jean-Pierre Bonin

Joe Letourneau

Stacey Lynne McCue