February 9, 2018



Clark Morawetz

Toronto, ON

I have been flying my entire life. I don’t know when my first flight was. I grew up in GA flying with my father and his friends for breakfast every Sunday morning. Flying is in my blood.

I obtained my Glider and Private Pilot’s Licences as a member of the Air Cadets. Since then, I have accumulated over 5,000 hours of flying in everything from homebuilts to the Q400. Today, I work as a Captain at Porter Airlines. While being a pilot is my profession, it is also my passion.

Since I learned to fly, I have volunteered at COPA, Young Eagles and Women in Aviation Events. In 2010, I helped Oshawa Airport become the “Most Female Friendly Airport in the World”, by flying more women in GA aircraft than anywhere else on Earth. In 2011, Women of Aviation Week awarded my story for the “Most Unusual Introductory Flight” top prize. In 2017, I was awarded the President’s Award by COPA for my work on COPA’s Strategic Planning Committee. I am currently a member of COPA Flight 32, based out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t wait for the next edition of COPA Flight to show up in the mail, so I could check out the classifieds and dream about owning my own airplane. In 2017, my girlfriend and I purchased our first airplane, a 1971 Cessna 172L, through COPA Flight.

I want to be your next director for Southern Ontario because I feel I have the ability to bridge the gap between the GA community we have now, and the community that we need to have in the future.