November 14, 2019

Mooney Suspends Operations


Mooney Aircraft has laid off all its employees and shuttered its Kerrville, Texas factory and has not responded to any media requests for explanation of what it means for the future of the brand and support for the existing fleet. According to a report from AOPA, the shutdown is being described as short term and more information will be forthcoming. The factory has a voicemail message that says there is no one there to answer questions. “Please be advised that all Mooney employees have been furloughed at this time,” the voicemail message says. Therefore, we are not able to respond to your inquiry.”

AOPA found a Mooney owner and filmmaker who has many contacts at the factory who said there are buyers in the wings. Jolie Lucas told AOPA she expects new ownership to take over and, for the short term at least, keep the supply of parts and engineering support coming. Mooney has been through a succession of owners since it was started in 1929 and is now owned by a Chinese real estate investment company Meijing Group.