September 9, 2020

Mooney Aircraft Under New Management


Management of American airplane manufacturer Mooney has been taken over by a group of pilots and Mooney aircraft owners in an effort to ensure the continued viability of the Kerrville, Texas-based company. According to a recently issued press release, CEO Jonny Pollack, himself a Mooney Acclaim owner and pilot, the change in management occurred on September 1, 2020.

“There is new management at Mooney, and it’s made up entirely of pilots and Mooney owners, giving the company a unique and valuable perspective going forward,” said Pollack. “Reports of Mooney’s death are greatly exaggerated,” he added.

Initial management focus will be on supporting the owners of the existing fleet of over 7,000 Mooney airplanes. The company will then turn its attention to other projects, including increasing useful loads through retrofits such as a carbon cowl. Mooney will then look at design changes, including the addition of a ballistic recovery parachute, auto-land capabilities and a larger cabin.

Current Mooney models include the M20 Ovation Ultra (at U$719,000) and Acclaim Ultra (at U$799,000).

The company will continue its partnership with the Meijing Group of China to expand its international reach. The Meijing Group, which purchased Mooney back in 2013, is largely a real estate developer based in Zhengzhou.

Photo credit: Adrian Pingstone