March 29, 2023

Method Seven Announces New Sunglasses and Discounts

Phil Lightstone

Method Seven Eye Wear Comes to Canada

― By: Phil Lightstone

Method Seven of Santa Cruz CA, manufacturers of aviation grade sunglasses introduced their new FLT (Flight) sunglasses.  With the same frames as their popular Ascent SKY, FLT18 sports new polycarbonate lenses, making the sunglasses 10 grams lighter.  For open cockpit and aerobatics pilots, the reduction in weight provides clear benefits allowing the movement of the pilot’s head to be unencumbered, especially during high G manoeuvres.

Jamie Mitchell, Brand Manager, reports “a common question at the aviation events, was about additional discount.  New to SUN ‘n FUN, we’re offering in the booth only, a 20 percent discount for each sunglass, 25 percent if you buy two and 30 percent if you buy two or more.  This is perfect for pilots who come into the booth with their flying buddies or significant other.”  Their sunglasses cost USD $235 with the clip on sunglasses at USD $55. Recently, Aircraft Spruce was added as a distributor, allowing Canadians to order Method Seven sunglasses directly from Aircraft Spruce Canada.

(Photo: Method Seven)