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Why did COPA partner with FlightBridge?

As Canada’s largest flying club, we want to help make your flying experiences magical and hassle free. This includes partnering with the wider aviation community to bring our members useful tools and solutions that make flying convenient. Using FlightBridge, our members can streamline communications with FBOs and service providers, directly book discounted hotels and car rentals (using COPA discounts), book commercial air tickets at discounted rates, arrange catering, ground transportation, and much more.

Save Money with FlightBridge

  • Get access to discounted hotel rates with negotiated benefits important to Pilots, like same-day cancellation.
  • Book discounted rental cars with delivery to FBOs and maintenance locations. 
  • COPA discounts will be applied to relevant bookings
  • Get smart alerts when trip changes occur, and enjoy one-click cancellation

Save Time with FlightBridge

  • Spend less time on the phone and sending emails, and instead get confirmations and updates from FBOs and service providers directly within FlightBridge
  • FlightBridge is the most efficient and reliable booking solution for rental cars with delivery directly to FBO and MRO locations
  • FlightBridge integrates with your favorite tools like FlightAware, FltPlan, and other leading flight scheduling systems and tools, reducing manual processes and simplifying trip management

Get Started

To start using FlightBridge, create an account here. Once registered, you can immediately begin managing your trips and enjoy discounted rates with hotels and rental car providers across North America and beyond.

Have questions? Contact FlightBridge Support at