June 4, 2020

Medical Renewals via Telemedicine Now Possible


Recognizing that many Civil Aviation Medical Examiners (CAMEs) are not seeing patients or those seeking medical certificates in their offices or clinics on a face-to-face basis due to the ongoing pandemic, Transport Canada has announced temporary provisions for the renewal of medical certificates permitting the use of virtual visits instead.

The temporary measure is not applicable for those seeking their first medical certificate. Furthermore, if the CAME cannot determine with certainty the fitness of the applicant, a traditional face-to-face examination will be necessary.

Also exempt from the new measures are applicants whose medical condition has changed, those whose current medical certificate has any of the following limitations or restrictions:

  1. Licence restricted;
  2. Permit restricted;
  3. 3 months only;
  4. 6 months only;
  5. 9 months only;
  6. 12 months only;
  7. 24 months only;
  8. Subject to letter dated;
  9. Private Pilot Licence (PPL) privileges – 12 months only;
  10. Valid only when another air traffic controller available and competent to assume your duties;
  11. With an accompanying pilot;
  12. Not valid for Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) renewal.

The new measure is valid until either March 31, 2021 or when the Minister of Transport cancels it, whichever occurs first.

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Photo credit: fizkes/iStock