June 18, 2020

Medical Certificate Exemptions Broadened


Medical Certificate Exemptions Broadened

Transport Canada – Civil Aviation (TCCA) has broadened the temporary exemption for the requirement for a student pilot – aeroplane to be in possession of a Category 1 or 3 medical certificate or assessment letter to include student pilots of gyroplanes, balloons and helicopters.

The COVID-19 pandemic-related exemption was introduced given that, due to social distancing requirements still in place in many provinces and municipalities, CAME offices remain closed.

The announcement temporarily suspending the requirements set forth in subparagraph 421.19(2)(c)(i) of CAR standard 421 was made of Friday, June 12. In its place, a student pilot of all four manned aircraft types will be able to continue their in-flight training, including solo flying, when in possession a Civil Aviation Medical Declaration (form 26-0297) with Part B completed by the student pilot and Part C completed by any physician licensed to practice in Canada, or a Category 4 medical certificate.

For further details, see TCCA’s website.