January 25, 2018

Maurer Retires At Diamond


Peter Maurer is retiring as CEO of Diamond Canada and taking on an advisory role in “senior global strategy and business development” according to a news release from the newly reunited  Diamond Aircraft Industries.

In January, Wanfeng Corporation took over control of Diamond’s European operations, a year after acquiring the Canadian assets in London, Ontario. The move resulted in the shuffle and now Scott McFadzean, the previous chief operations officer, has moved into Maurer’s role. Kevin Sheng is the new COO.

The London operations employee almost 200 people and build DA40s and DA62 aircraft. The facilities could see expanded use under the newly unified company.

Bin Chen, Chairman of Diamond Aircraft, said the goal of the company is to “grow Diamond’s global business” and the new appointments are part of that strategy. “The announced personnel changes will support these effots, especially with regard to making best combined use of all our global resources,” said Bin. Maurer said Diamond Canada is “in most capable hands” with McFadzean’s promotion and the recent moves assure “the long term success of our company.