March 9, 2022

Master your EFB with Infinite Flight

Jon Robinson

— By Jason Rosewell, Digital Marketing, Infinite Flight

If you’re like most modern pilots, your flight bag includes at least one mobile device loaded with the latest EFB. While powerful and time-saving, these products can be quite complex, and the cockpit is no place to learn how to use them. Thankfully for ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot users, Infinite Flight comes to the rescue allowing pilots to start a flight from the safety of their sofa, or airport lounge.

Let’s say you’re excited to test a new feature like Hold Advisor in ForeFlight. You watch the training video but you have no muscle memory using this feature because you’re not flying. Fear not. By turning on ForeFlight Link on your Infinite Flight device, you can now use it the same as you would in the airplane, provided you’re on the same wifi network.

ForeFlight Link sends GPS and AHRS data to ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot just as if you were in a real cockpit. And while you can certainly do this with your favorite desktop simulator, Infinite Flight has given you a way to practice and carry your passion for learning no matter where you are. Best of all, you can use Infinite Flight on iOS and Android devices.

Don’t let the name “ForeFlight Link” scare you off if you’re a Garmin Pilot user. This feature started out as a link to ForeFlight, but has since been made compatible with Garmin’s. Locate Flight Simulation in Garmin Pilot’s settings to enable use of flight simulator data.

Flight plan sharing between Infinite Flight and ForeFlight
Practicing your flight just got easier with flight plan sharing between your mobile flight simulator and ForeFlight. With a few taps, you can send flight plans back and with ease between the two apps.

Infinite Flight also has a robust Replay System. Replay allows Infinite Flight pilots and ATC to load a previous flight and play it back exactly the way it happened. Did you fly at night but want to see your flight played back during the day? No problem; simply adjust the time of day during your replay. Best of all, you can reply the flight as many times as you like hands-free, all while honing different skills in ForeFlight.

While Infinite Flight PRO gives you access to the entire globe, multiplayer, ATC, and all aircraft, you don’t need a subscription to enjoy the benefits of connecting to ForeFlight. There are plenty of regions and aircraft to enjoy with your initial purchase to help you become a pro with your EFB. COPA members can now get a free 90 day trial of Infinite Flight Pro, unlocking a whole world of possibilities – more information on this COPA member benefit available here. Give Infinite Flight a try today, and keep learning!

(Photo: Infinite Flight)