November 28, 2019

Saint-Roch Proponents Polish Proposal


In the long Mascouche airport saga, the latest was that the proponents had bought a parcel of land in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan (QC), did their consultation process (including 2 townhall meetings, one of which quickly degenerated to almost physical violence), submitted their report and the Minister denied the creation of the aerodrome in a letter dated Aug. 30. We reported on it here on Sept. 5. At the time, the proponents said they would carefully weigh the options available to make the best decision.

Having listened to what the citizens were saying and the content of the Minister’s refusal letter, the proponents clarified the data and proposed aeronautical activities at the aerodrome and redid a whole noise study with that more precise data. They have met again with the city councillors on Nov. 18 and invited some members of the coalition against the aerodrome on Nov. 25, in order to be able to discuss and not get into an unproductive confrontational match.

They plan to submit an updated consultation report to the Minister in the next few days. COPA has been closely monitoring and working in any way we can, to make sure this iteration meets everyone’s expectations and allows this badly-needed aerodrome in the greater Montreal area to see the light.

You can read their news release here (it is a Google-translated copy of the original one in French).