February 9, 2018

MARTINS, Alexander


Alexander Martins

Toronto, ON

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is an organization that has made a significant contribution to Canadian culture, history and identity. Growing up in a generation where many are tied to their electronic devices, general aviation and COPA has been a source of meaningful personal interactions, friendships, once in a lifetime experiences and lifelong memories. This, unfortunately is not the experience of many of my peers, which is why I would like to take on the task as a director of COPA to recruit young members. This would be best achieved by attending flying schools, colleges, universities to give a worthy pitch on the benefits and possibilities as a member of COPA. My single greatest advantage is being a member of my target audience and bringing a fresh viewpoint and vision for the future of COPA.

I fell in love with airplanes at the age of 10, at Ontario place sitting in a cadet glider that was on display. I later joined air cadets, and years later finished with a glider and private pilot’s license. Since then, I have become a member of the Brampton Flying Club, flying the Cessna 152, 172 and learning tailwheel in the Bellanca Citabria. I am also a member of the York Soaring Association, where I flew two glider types and towed gliders in the clubs towing aircraft. It is experiences like these that I hope to grow for today’s youth, as a COPA director.

Currently, I study Commercial Aviation Management at the University of Western Ontario, where I hope to open a university-based COPA flight for aviation students. Given the opportunity I hope to grow COPA’s membership everywhere possible that will be sustainable going into the future.