July 26, 2023

Kawartha Airport Klassics

Jon Robinson

— Photos and text by Gus and Clara Corujo

On Saturday, July 15, aviation and classic car enthusiasts gathered at the Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport in Lindsay, Ontario. to celebrate the much-anticipated Kawartha Airport Klassics event. Organized in collaboration with the Kawartha Classic Kruisers and Kawartha Lakes Flying Club, the event promised a day filled with vintage aircraft, classic cars and exciting activities.

Despite some challenges caused by unsettled weather, the gates were opened promptly at 8:00 am for the eager public. While a few scheduled aircraft were unable to attend due to the weather conditions, the spirit of the attendees remained undeterred. The enthusiasm of the crowd was palpable as they streamed into the event grounds, ready to experience a day of aviation and automotive nostalgia.

The event showcased an impressive lineup of classic aircraft, including iconic models like the Tiger Moth, Antonov-AN2, Skybolt, Citabria, and Bell OH-58A Helicopter. These historic flying machines served as a captivating focal point for aviation enthusiasts, who marveled at their timeless design and engineering brilliance.

Inside one of the hangars at the airport, visitors had the opportunity to admire the innovative Seabee and Horizon Aviation’s Cavorite X5. Of particular interest was the Cavorite X5, which boasted a patented fan-in-wing vertical lift system — an engineering marvel that drew considerable attention and admiration from the curious onlookers.

Lumix, an aviation company, displayed an aircraft fuselage trailer on-site, further adding to the event’s appeal. It provided a unique opportunity for visitors to get up close and personal with aircraft components and learn more about the intricacies of these flying machines.

The event also attracted the attention of the local authorities, with a police car and personnel making an appearance. Their presence added an element of community involvement and safety to the event.

As visitors explored the grounds and admired the impressive displays, they had the chance to participate in door prizes and a 50/50 draw — activities that added an extra layer of excitement to the day. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as participants hoped to be among the lucky winners.

Throughout the day, the airport’s restaurants remained open, serving delicious food to attendees. Families and friends relished the opportunity to spend quality time together, enjoying the sights and sounds of the event while indulging in tasty treats.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Kawartha Airport Klassics was its free admission and parking policy. The organizers’ decision to make the event accessible to all undoubtedly contributed to the impressive turnout, despite the challenging weather conditions.

In the end, while the rain cut the event short, the Kawartha Airport Klassics successfully brought aviation and classic car enthusiasts together. The event’s charm and appeal remained evident, fostering camaraderie and mutual appreciation for the beauty of vintage aviation and classic automobiles.