October 11, 2018

Jean Charest To Lead Aerospace Industry Initiative


Former federal cabinet minister and Quebec premier Jean Charest has been named by the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) to lead a new industry initiative called Vision 2025 that aims to keep Canada as a leading aerospace economy. Says Charest, “I am excited about the strength of our aerospace sector, and the opportunity we have to capitalize on that strength to become a global powerhouse. Canadian aerospace plays a major role in the economic health of our nation. Vision 2025 will ensure that the industry, which spans civil aviation, defence and space, works together with government and communities to ignite Canadian innovation, trade, jobs and prosperity for years to come.”

Jim Quick, president and CEO of AIAC, added “Aerospace is growing and evolving at an unprecedented rate, and Canada can’t afford to be complacent. New markets are opening and new players are shaping the highly competitive landscape. In a fiercely competitive global economy, Canada needs industry and government to come together behind a focused, long-term vision and strategy for the sector. That’s why Vision 2025 is essential to our success.”

Charest will travel to cities with significant aerospace industries, including Vancouver, Halifax, Toronto and Montreal, to hold discussions that will lead to a national aerospace strategy.

With the fifth largest aerospace economy in the world, Canada’s aerospace sector contributed close to $25 billion and 190,000 jobs to the economy in 2017.