October 5, 2017

Jazz Expands Instructor Recruitment


Jazz Aviation has announced it’s expanding its agreement with Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology to provide a streamlined route for top flight instructors to land jobs with the regional airline contractor.

The company’s Aviation Pathway Program provides an incentive for graduates of post-secondary flight training programs to pass along their knowledge to students who follow them by becoming instructors. As they build time and experience, they become qualified to be recommended for flying jobs with Jazz.

“To support quality flight training in Canada, airlines need to continue to develop pathways that encourage new pilots to become instructors, without affecting their opportunity to become an airline pilot if they wish. Through this new agreement, the Jazz APP will provide an opportunity for top instructors at Sault College to further their professional pilot careers,” said Steve Linthwaite, vice president, Flight Operations, Jazz. “We are proud to be fully engaged with Sault College’s program as we continue to cultivate strong futures for pilots in the Canadian aviation industry.”

Sault College Aviation Technology Chair Greg Mapp said the APP affiliation gives “tremendous incentive” to graduates to become instructors and keep the training pipeline full.