June 22, 2018

It’s On in Saint John


There’s a full list of seminars and information sessions at the 2018 COPA Convention and Trade Show in Saint John NB and safety is a big theme. Two senior Transport Canada Civil Aviation officials, Simon Garrett, who joined TCCA after a long career at Rockliffe Flying Club, and COPA Director of Operations JC Audet will do several sessions focused on the safety mindset. The sessions dovetail with COPA and TCCA General Aviation Safety initiative aimed at putting safety at top of mind for all pilots. There’s also a big announcement on Saturday that is part of COPA’s evolving interaction with its members and customers.

Garrett will lead a TCCA Rust Remover session on Saturday that will focus on staying safe in all flight profiles. Situational awareness and pilot decision making will be reinforced at this important session. Garrett will also lead a session for non-pilots who fly frequently with their spouses and friends on what they can do to enhance the safety of each flight. There will also be an update on the legal issues surrounding the siting of wind turbines near airports. A lot of ground will be covered during the working sessions of this year’s convention.