July 11, 2019

Is Canadian Flight Training Passing Muster Abroad?


Apparently not, according to an Advisory Circular released by Transport Canada – Civil Aviation (TCCA) recently.

The following is a quote directly from the document:

“Present Transport Canada (TC) management involved with pilot training and licensing and some of the foreign Civil Aviation Authorities are questioning the veracity and quality of flight training in Canada, revealed by the marginal competence of some Canadian flight training and licensing graduates when they perform flight duties upon their return to their native country. These foreign authorities are now contemplating alternative countries for the training of their airline cadets.”

TCCA attempts to assess new pilot skills as objectively as possible. They use a number-based evaluation method to assess the skill levels of pilot candidates. The scale is 1 to 4, with 2 indicating a major error or deviation.

However, as a consequence of the negative feedback from abroad, and after an analysis that revealed a high number of pilots earning their licence or rating despite having been awarded a large number of ‘2’s, TCCA has decided to change the evaluation policy by limiting the number of ‘1’s and ‘2’s accumulated during a Part IV flight test to a number lower than has been the practice in the past.

The full six-page Advisory Circular is appended below.