June 5, 2020

Interim Changes: Small private aircraft maintenance schedule – COVID-19


A welcome maintenance schedule relief for small, private aircraft owners impacted by the pandemic. Hearing industry and owners’ concerns, Transport Canada is providing interim policy changes to help affected aircraft owners and operators during these COVID-19 times. In collaboration with your Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), you can apply certain tolerances and deviations to your maintenance schedule, such as: 1) inspections performed every 12 months in accordance with STD 625 Appendix B; no greater than 15% and 2) Out of phase task intervals performed in accordance with STD 625 Appendix C; no greater than 10%.

For example, where a 12 month inspection is carried out at 13.8 months (12m +15%) based on an applied 15% tolerance, the next inspection is due 12 months from the date of the inspection was completed.

Should you not go through an AME, you can do through your TCCA office. Please see attached industry notice for details.