August 26, 2020

Innovative Company Offers Free Drone Courses


LinxUAV, a company recently founded by airline transport pilots, is offering free online training courses for current and aspiring RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) pilots who wish to obtain either a Basic or Advanced Pilot Certificate. Typically, course fees for the Basic certificate is $250 and around $1,200 for the Advanced certificate.

Under Transport Canada regulations, drone operators are required to have at least a Basic certificate to operate any RPAS that weighs 250 grams or more. The Advanced certificate allows RPAS operations closer to people and outdoor events among other privileges. Training for Advanced certificate holders to become RPAS Designated Flight Reviewers is also being offered free of charge.

According to a press release from LinxUAV issued this week, co-founder Raymond Pennock and his partners created the company to promote safer skies by making it as easy as possible for new drone operators to be equipped with the knowledge necessary to pass the Transport Canada exams and become safe and responsible RPAS operators. Among the founders are experienced aerial survey sensor operators as well as airline management personnel.

The website is designed to be a platform not only for the provision of RPAS training courses, but also drone pilot job listings and technical documentation such as templates for operations manuals and legal documents.

The press release also points to the growing need for drone operators as the commercial drone industry develops.

Check out their website.

Image courtesy of LinxUAV