August 26, 2020

Indigenous Youth Complete Aviation Program


The initial cohort of six young Manitobans to participate in the Eagle’s Wings Flight School (EWFS) aviation program have completed their 20-hour training syllabus.

As reported in the September issue of COPA Flight, the young men and women, ranging in age from 14 to 18 years old, were introduced to aviation as a potential career choice through the completion of a three-day, 20-hour ground school course followed by 12 hours of dual flight training on the program’s Allegro 2000 advanced ultralight aircraft.

Instructor and program creator Josh Cordery and the Allegro 2000 AULA used for training.

“This program was more than I’d hoped or expected,” said 18-year-old Cayden Chaske. “I didn’t think I would get as much time in the air, but we flew every day.”

“I liked planning and flying my three-hour cross-country trip back home; that was awesome,” added the Canupawakpa First Nation member.

The program is the brainchild of Josh Cordery, who serves as the chairperson of the all-volunteer EWFS board of directors. Cordery, also an instructor pilot for the RCAF, hopes to repeat the program next year with another cohort of six young Indigenous youth.

Among the organizations that contributed to the success of the program were KF Aero, Southport Aerospace and Dakota Ojibway Child and Family Services.

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