August 28, 2020

Improper Disinfecting Products Damage Aircraft


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have been reporting on best practices for disinfecting aircraft before and after each use. An article prepared by COPA Flight contributor Phil Lightstone was published in the March 26 issue of eFlight and another article on the subject appeared in the May 21 issue.

COPA’s sister-organization AOPA now reports instances where improper disinfecting procedures have led to damage to the instrument panels of two rental Cessna 172s belonging to Florida operator Atlas Aviation.

The offending substances were alcohol-based liquids used for hand sanitation. According to the AOPA, such products adversely affected the surface of the 172s’ instrument panels when overspray caused by well-meaning customers travelled beyond the aircrafts’ yokes and landed on the instrument panel. Repair involved removing all the radios, avionics, instruments and switches of the two affected panels so they could be repainted.

Painted surfaces are not the only aircraft parts or components that can be damaged by the use of improper products.

Readers are urged to review the two eFlight articles highlighted above to make sure proper procedures are being employed.

Photo courtesy of Deric Dymerski