November 3, 2021

High River Airport implements free in-cockpit weather and traffic

Laura McLean

By Lionel St.Hilaire

The High River Regional Airport in Cayley, Alberta, is proud to advise the approval and implementation of the Canadian In-Flight Information Broadcasting Association (CIFIB) free in-cockpit weather and some traffic services (NemoScout & Gliders) to pilots operating within range of the High River Airport UAT 978 MHz broadcasting ground station. High River is the first station, outside of Ontario, to champion in-flight services and should be operational in early 2022.

Canadian In-Flight Information Broadcasting Association is a not-for-profit corporation that is creating and managing the ground station network that provides in-flight weather and some traffic services to GA pilots operating within coverage areas in Canadian domestic airspace. Their mission is to improve General Aviation safety by transmitting available weather and some traffic information to pilots in the cockpit to improve decision-making and to raise awareness by promoting the use of this source of information.

Receiving CIFIB broadcasts requires an ADS-B In receiver capable of decoding UAT on 978 MHz, which are readily available and quite economical. The onboard ADS-B receiver will display other ADS-B/1090S traffic, along with NemoScout units (popular with flight schools) – 1090 Mode C not available for tracking at this time.

For more information on this project visit the CIFIB website.