April 2, 2020

Henry Vos


A pilot since 1980 Henry has had the opportunity to own and fly a number of aircraft.  Plane ownership has included a Cessna 120, a Stinson 108 and a Piper Turbo Arrow and a Rans S-9 Chaos.  

While not his career, Henry has an indepth interest in aviation, obtaining his commercial license and this flight instructor rating and ultralight flight instructor rating. He currently flies a 2015 Pipistrel Alpha Trainer and operates an ultralight flight school near the town of Peace River. 

Henry is a member of COPA Dunvegan flight, and a member of several flying clubs. He is also a strong supporter of FARS (Fairview Aircraft restoration Society) restorers of the PBY/Canso retrieved from a lake near Inuvik. Henry has also been quite involved with the Peace Regional Airshow helping produce the past 3 airshows. 

The main reason Henry Vos wants to be a COPA director is to increase the advocacy for General Aviation in Canada. Numerous times a year there are threats to the freedom to fly we as Canadians have always taken for granted. Aviation played a very large role in the development of Canada. Frontier exploration, transportation of goods and people, emergency support for rural communities are all facilitated by aviation. These services are still so critical to the success of our people and companies doing business in this country. We need to provide strong support to pilots, future pilots and all types of general aviation building this country. 

Other than his passion for aviation, the strongest skill he will bring to COPA will be a depth of education, knowledge and experience in governance of organizations. Having served on numerous boards of directors such as the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (now ICE Canada) and the Canadian Wheat Board. In addition, Henry has a Charter Director designation from Macmaster University Degroote School of business. He is passionate about moving COPA forward.