December 6, 2018

Help TCCA Improve Their Service Quality


COPA’s normal course of activities includes fielding phone calls and emails from members experiencing issues with TCCA. We do recognize that many COPA members and GA folks at large are less than enamoured with the quality of service they receive from TCCA and COPA would like to help improve that situation.

In all fairness, a very large number of individuals working within the TCCA system are active members of our GA community and do understand our plight. They, and many others, are dedicated people who endeavor to deliver the best service they can within the limits of the resources they have at hand. This is the critical element: the best service they can with the resources at hand.

COPA is launching an initiative to draw attention to the situation of perceived poor quality of service from TCCA. We are asking our members to inform us on any issues, difficulties or problems you have encountered, recent or past, in obtaining legitimate services from TCCA. The document imbedded below illustrates the various services delivered by TCCA and their cost and the expected delay in delivery of these services. Note this is the latest one on the TCCA site; changes may not yet be posted. If you received your service within the period allotted in this document, TCCA has met its engagement and you have no grounds to complain.

Include your non-COPA aviator friends in the discussion; this is for all of GA. As we expect all Canada Revenue Agency auditors to apply the same taxation standards across the country, we are justified to expect the same of Transport Canada inspectors and employees. Experience shows that when you, the members, inform us at COPA of your issues, supported by dates and facts, we can work with TCCA and typically address them quickly. Remember, a regional problem affecting one owner will likely not appear on Ottawa’s radar screen.

We must collect these issues and bring them up in order to help TCCA meet their projected service level agreements, in turn helping ourselves.  One cannot change or improve things until one is aware of the situation, be it COPA, TCCA or anybody else. Help us help you – share with COPA.

Please send your factual examples with supporting data, comments, suggestions or information to

More details are available in the December issue of COPA Flight magazine.