February 22, 2018

HELP!!! Pointer Avionics ELTs


By JC Audet

With the demise of Pointer Avionics, numerous COPA members find it extremely difficult to obtain support for their Pointer ELT unit. As more and more of these units are coming up for battery replacement and/or recertification the problem will only grow in importance.

This is a call from COPA to our members asking to inform us if you have a Pointer ELT and if you have found a solution. The obvious solution for the aircraft owner is to purchase a new ELT, but this is not necessarily a favored solution. COPA is also calling out to the industry for the purpose of identifying if there is anybody who can jump into the fray and offer some solution in the form of support for these units.

If anybody could be in a position of providing such support or would know of some organization who could provide support, please contact COPA at operations@copanational.org