December 5, 2018

Help COPA Influence ADS-B OUT Equipage Requirements


COPA Alberta and N.W.T. Director Bram Tilroe is requesting the help of members who own or operate aircraft equipped with ADS-B OUT installations. Tilroe, who also serves on the Nav Canada Advisory Committee in his capacity as vice-chair of the Alberta Aviation Council, has been working with Nav Canada in the development of recommendations to Transport Canada on ADS-B equipment issues.

Tilroe reports that some within Transport Canada advocate for antenna diversity (meaning the installation of antennas both above and below the fuselage), while others are advocating for the installation of bottom-mounted antennas only. If an aircraft is Mode S transponder-equipped (1090 MHz), that’s where the antenna is already mounted, and that’s where the ADS-B OUT signal is routed through. Requiring a top-mounted antenna will add extra cost despite there being no evidence demonstrating that it is required for a data link to be established in light aircraft.

Tilroe is working to prepare evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of bottom-mounted-only antennas. If your aircraft is equipped as described, and have flown anywhere in Canada within the past 90 days, Tilroe wants to hear from you. Nav Canada already has the technology to see your flight track using their surveillance systems, and Tilroe wants to prove to them that a top-mounted antenna is not required.

Do you fit the bill? If so, please fill out and submit the form below. With the information that you supply, Nav Canada Engineering will determine whether the data quality meets their required standards.