December 15, 2017

Helicopter Crash Claims Four


A Hydro One AS350 carrying four people working on a Hydro One project near Tweed, Ontario, about 70 km. northeast of Belleville,  crashed just before noon Thursday killing all on board. The helicopter was being used to shuttle staff to areas of the project not accessible by road. Witness Kim Clayton said the helicopter had been in the area for about a week. “There were times when the chopper would fly right next to the (power) lines. I thought to myself he’s a really good pilot to fly that close to those lines,” Clayton told CTV News.

Hydro One owned the helicopter and all those killed were employees. The weather was clear and cold with light winds at the time of the crash. “Our thoughts and prayers are with their families at this difficult time. During this grieving process, we will do everything we can to assist our employees and their families who have been affected in any way, by providing counseling and support