February 9, 2018



Conrad Hatcher

Saint Catharines, ON

My flying career began when I took my first lesson in 1975 in a Piper Cherokee at the St. Catharines Flying Club. Since that time, I have amassed over 20,000 flying hours in a variety of aircraft as an instructor, charter, airline and corporate pilot. Currently I work as a Class 1 Flight Instructor at the St.Catharines Flying Club to which I returned after spending 14 years as an Inspector at Transport Canada. I enjoy teaching both new pilots and those who are pursuing advanced ratings or learning to fly a different aircraft.

I am also active Pilot Examiner which affords me the opportunity to travel regularly around Southern Ontario to a variety of airports and flying operations. I am able to get to know many more enthusiastic pilots that I would otherwise not get to meet.

My single most important reason for becoming a COPA director is that I am concerned for the future of Personal Aviation and I want to contribute to ensuring that it continues and thrives. I want to promote our segment of the aviation community and ensure that we expose as many new people as possible to the world of General Aviation.

I believe that the most important skill I can bring to the COPA board is that of a communicator. I want to tell our story and articulate our vision and values to the general public and the aviation community. If we fail to articulate our view of the world of aviation effectively others will do it for us and it may not be accurate or favourable. I believe that I can use my experience, skills and talents to assist the Board in achieving all of our mutual goals.